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Players in this industry must deal with changed scenarios in coming years. Due to initiatives by industry and government for Straight Through Processing (STP), regulatory changes and for every growing market, there is a need for improved operational efficiency and visibility. Companies also need to make sure that they reduce operational risk and operational costs. This ever-changing market scenario mandates the enterprise IT systems to be flexible enough to incorporate the market needs in the least possible timeframe.

An essential and critical process of any brokers/investment banks/ custodians/depositories/banks is to ensure that its books and records are balanced and accurate for the well-being of Securities Trading on stock exchanges. There is a need for the stock records to be up-to-date so that they reflect the exact & correct status, which in turn ensures that all the participants (Brokers, Dealers, Stock Exchanges, Clearing Houses, Depositories, and Clearing Banks) in the Trade Life Cycle (TLC) are in sync with each other. This will in turn help participate in seamless settlements of trades.

Securities trading companies run on disparate, geographically distributed heterogeneous systems, which use localized technologies and processes. Thus, there is a need to ensure standardization in the data & reporting, which would be helpful for all the stakeholders.

AutoRecon© Trading (ART) is a reconciliation platform (built on a high performing AutoRecon© generic reconciliation engine), which offers a complete and readily configurable solution for TLC management in any STO. It can efficiently meet the diverse data pre-processing, data validation, data enrichment, reconciliation, exception management, enterprise reporting, downstream information flow, risk repository, archiving, auditability and financial control needs of any small/medium/ large institutions.

ART performs intelligent matching at each stage of the TLC to report focused exceptions, which help reduce costs for an enterprise’s transaction management across TLC.

ART Innovative solution is fully configurable to define a process specific data source, pre-processing, grouping rules, matching rules, match combinations & iterations, recon status, embedded exception management, enterprise reports,  management dashboards, custom user workbench based on any view dimensions, batch process jobs, schedules, real-time reconciliation & data loading/updates, Transaction Life Cycle workflow, authorized accessibility & workflow, alerts & escalations, audit ability and system traceability log dashboard.