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The oil & gas industry is consistently facing the need and challenge to further enhance their business continuity and emergency response plans. Ranging from natural disasters, cybersecurity attacks, well control, and other concerns, the industry has seen a need to revamp all emergency management efforts.

Companies across the spectrum have begun to develop and further improve on existing processes that will seamlessly aid in managing risk. Due to the influence of such events, building business continuity and emergency response plans to maintain personnel safety and restoring operation is vital.

Ascent has Specialized Expertise in Developing Functional BCM Plans for Oil & Gas.

Ascent Services for Oil & Gas

Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and Risk Assessment:

An enterprise-wide understanding of key business functions and processes

Recovery Strategy Selection:

Identifying practical and cost-effective strategies

Business Continuity Plan (BCP), Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) and Crisis Management Plan (CMP) Development:

Using a workshop approach stressing realistic plans to recover after a disruption

BCP Testing and Maintenance:

Testing that increasingly challenges your team

BCM Program Evaluation Including Individual Plan Assessments:

Understanding how your program compares to existing standards and other companies

Emergency Preparedness Evaluation and Plan Development:

Helping our clients ensure the life safety of their employees