Comprehensive Forensic Services for any Digital Device

Digital Forensics is increasing in importance for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that computers and the Internet represent the fastest growing technology tools used by cyber criminals.

Ascent Digital Forensic consulting experts can retrieve digital information to identify the nature of the crime, the time it was committed and to identify any other parties who were involved in it. The computer data can exist in scrambled or encoded form, unrecognizable to an unskilled person.

Digital Forensics aims to identify material of potential interest, acquire it safely, so as to avoid contamination, both to the item and to the system it came from and preserve the material for repeated later examinations.

In relation to regular documents and records, this is achieved by following generally recognized protocols and procedures, creating an audit trail of activities and generally being able to demonstrate continuity of evidence explaining everything that has happened to the evidence.

Our Digital Forensic consulting experts deal with identifying, collecting, analyzing and protecting information residing on information systems that could be used as evidence. Our team of experts have a number of tools at their disposal for dealing with many of the different challenges posed by the proper handling of digital evidence.

We offer a wide range of forensic services covering all digital devices. We have state-of-the-art labs, as well as a global network of responders, allowing us to perform forensic analysis for virtually any matter, in any environment.