AutoRecon is very much flexible to generate Dynamic Reports, it enables you to create and generate customized reports from a wide range of data sources. Recon system has a multitude of reports that are developed for various purposes, requirements are there for reports to be generated as per users’ needs.

It is, however, rather inconvenient to develop a different report for every user. Therefore, the Dynamic Report system has been developed that would enable users to design reports in their own way.

Various functionality may be availed through the Dynamic Reports system.
  • You can design reports in your own way to meet your own requirements.
  • You can view relevant columns for a report, change the sort order of columns.
  • You can select the output columns to be displayed on the report at the time of report submission.
  • You can select various filter criteria.
  • You can schedule a report, once created, for execution and define who would receive the report after it is submitted.