Delivering High-quality IT Audit Services

Our primary objective is to make sure that our IT infrastructure is safe and secure, in addition of receiving an auditing report that has to be approved by authorized authority

The audit is intended to address all the issues related to the new IT solution, including but not limited to hardware/software, network, disaster recovery, data backup and external network access through the internet, where all vulnerabilities should be extracted beside a proposed resolution.

Based on international standards and guidelines, our IT Audit Consulting’s experts deliver high-quality IT audit services through the use of resources and procedures. In delivering these services we adhere to the highest standards of independence, professional objectivity and technical excellence.

Scope of work in IT Audit

All resulted reports and plans above must conform to authorized regulations

  • Perform a full penetrations test on IS IT infrastructure resulting that in a final test report
  • Perform a full vulnerability assessment on IS IT infrastructure resulting that in a report of vulnerabilities with their resolution, this assessment will be repeated until critical and high vulnerabilities are eliminated
  • Prepare a disaster recovery plan intended for infrastructure availability
  • Prepare a rollback plan intended for data recovery including database records and file storage