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Ascent Business Technology Inc. is an Enterprise SaaS Software firm with a focus on Risk & Resilience Solutions.  

Ascent Product suite platform is designed for performance resilience of any financial institution or any business or service entity, managing its risks, operations, and strategic initiatives. The platform enables implementing appropriate risk management processes, tools, infrastructure in a stable operating environment. 

Resilience from operational as well as performance perspective underpins the use of appropriate framework, tools, and technology to identify, capture early warning indicators of the impending risks that cause business disruption and performance degradation and taking appropriate actions to mitigate the negative outcomes that could occur, if required counter measures are not taken based on the identified early warning signs. 

AutoBCM® NextGen provides the framework, tools, documentation, and indicators that impart business resilience when they are implemented correctly, and required actions are taken based on the noticed indicators. While all the indicators captured by the AutoBCM® NextGen points to impending Operational Risks due to non-availability of the systems or people or place of operation, it quickly transcends to Reputational Risk and Liquidity Risk, if operations are not restored in a timely manner. Therefore, AutoBCM® NextGen plays a role primarily on managing an Institution’s Operational Risk and Reputational Risk and marginally in managing the associated Liquidity Risk.  

AutoRecon aggregates transactions from various systems in order to identify those transactions that do not reconcile, which could trigger Liquidity Risk first and later Credit Risk when not resolved. Such transactions could occur because of broken processes, user or employee errors, or failed systems, which fall under Operational Risk. The process of investigation of the transactions that are not reconciled could identify the control failures in processes, people, or systems, and thus allows taking mitigation measures for managing the related Operational Risks. Resolving such transactions identified by the AutoRecon mitigates the associated Liquidity and Credit Risks that could emanate from them. Therefore, AutoRecon fits at the intersection of Operational Risk, Liquidity Risk, and Credit Risk Management. 

Ascent AutoEscrow supports managing Escrow Accounts as per the regulatory and business requirements in several business domains. The solution ensures that the funds are credited to correct accounts of clients purchasing a product or service, and the funds are spent for intended purposes for which Escrow Accounts are set up. It provides controls for mitigating Fraud Risk, which is a sub set of Operational Risk. 


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