Simplifying Complex ATM Reconciliation Process:

Matching multiple ways of ATM transactions in a day could be a cumbersome task for most of the host banks. Practically, ensuring an accurate balance sheet amidst outdated matching technology could only be an exceptional case, considering millions of transactions. The ATM reconciliation is complex due to unstructured nature of EJ files received from different ATM machines (likes NCR, Diebold, AGIS, G4S) and the different file format for Switches and then banking own internal systems, and consequently where balances do not match it may be necessary to examine every related transaction manually to find the erroneous item.

Ascent AutoRecon© is an ATM reconciliation software solution which enables financial institutions to automate the daily balancing of the ATM and Card network.

Ascent ATM reconciliation software AutoRecon leverages the reconciliation process through reliable matching of cash withdrawal & deposits, check deposits, fund transactions and cash replenishment/collections at the vendor managed ATMs and confirm operational stability.

The banking reconciliation software maintains a harmonic relationship between the host bank Switch, Host Interface, Power Card and General Ledger (GL)

The reconciliation software flawlessly matches the debit and credit cards transaction data and updates the internal books in real-time. It eliminates data discrepancies in terms of on-us, acquirer, and issuer transactions of the host bank.

Types of ATM Reconciliations:

On-Us: Synchronizes the relationship between ATM Electronic Journals (EJs), Network Switches and GL of Host Bank i.e. cash Dr / Cr as per ATM account

Acquirer: Ensures perfect matching of different file formats produced by host bank switch, network switch, acquirer account, EJ files – Performs dual way reconciliation between settlement account of acquirer with that of issuer banks settlement advice (RTGS/DNS message)

Like handling acquirer transaction, AutoRecon matches the data between GL of Issuer, Issuer Switch, NFS Network Switch and Payment Order (RTGS/DNS message)

Cash in ATM: AutoRecon software validates various types of cash flow such as ATM, switch and physical cash. Ensures balance in cash flows, including eject and analyses money transaction patterns of respective banks. Additionally, ensures the ideal order of each ATM through cash management and forecasting

Bank vs POS: AutoRecon Banking reconciliation software capitalizes on its multiple transactions handling expertise such as online, offline, prepaid debit card, credit card and electronic purse card. It simplifies the data complexities occurred due to supplementary parties like merchant POS log, Settlement and POS Gateway provider Bank

The solution has already been implemented by five clients in counties like UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi), Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kenya and Malaysia. There has been a particularly strong level of demand in the Middle East region but the solution is equally applicable to any geography.