Get prepared for real-time disruptive threat with AutoBCM. Transform the way you view and report resiliency of your organization by planning BCM at regular interval and managing IT disaster recovery system. AutoBCM executes a business impact analysis that confirms the scope of the business continuity program and captures preliminary business continuity plan content.

  • Regulatory Compliance achieved through this automation
  • Enabled an Executive / Top Management view of the BCM Program at EGA
  • Usability and accuracy much better than the legacy/ manual approach. EGA is confident regarding organizational resilience capability now.
  • Enabled quick and accurate data and information – at an enterprise level
  • Make Crisis Management response, logging and reporting more efficient and effective and button click
  • Provided visibility of decision-making process for real event
  • Identified Gaps between BCM resource requirements and resource availability
  • Enabled real-time activation and BCP status tracking regardless of operating location
  • Scales well from the smallest to the largest organizations
  • Automated Messaging and chat features give the ability to be connected 24 by 7 to handle and respond to emergency situations.