Adapt to an ever-changing market
with cost effective and flexible
enterprise systems

Beyond reconciliation with Ascent AutoRecon©

Ascent’s AutoRecon© Trading (ART) is a reconciliation platform that offers a complete and readily configurable solution for Transaction Life Cycle (TLC) management in any STO.

Competitive advantage through enhanced resilience

With Ascent AutoBCM©, ensure that your business stays flexible and resilient through a variety of different cost-effective and cutting-edge features:

Automated Solutions for Capital markets and investment

With its end-to-end crisis & emergency management, ensure that you manoeuvre past the fallout of inevitable lapses

Risk Management for Capital Markets

Track these crises as they unfold in real-time to ensure proactive management

Capital markets and investment management

Get bonafide evidence for insurance claims to ensure that the show goes on

Capital Markets Risk Assessment

Make your decision-making process visible to enable collaborative efforts in disaster mitigation