The various possible dispute scenarios have been given here to enable member banks to refer to and resolve interbank settlement issues:

Member bank should provide all documents in support of the dispute, error, fraud, etc. either to NPCI or to any other member bank (as directed) who is a party to the dispute for the purpose of scrutiny, following the procedure and timelines laid down in this document and the document on Settlement Procedure.

The electronic log will be a collection of all communications between an ATM and its immediate switch/server on a business day. This will include original transaction request, last transaction status request, reversal request and their responses, respectively. The BC must push the electronic log file to bank switch/server at the End of Day (EOD). The MicroATM application must facilitate the transmission in an encrypted format.

Issuers have the right to return a disputed transaction as a chargeback to NPCI. Chargeback can be raised within 60 days from the next date of the transaction.