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Resiliency has become a synonym in today’s world and will resonate well in every individual’s mind. Over the past many months, enterprises have witnessed one of their continued operations’ greatest testing times. This has brought a lot of changes in the way enterprises think about business continuity.  While we all agree that the main focus was on the sustainability of the operations, it has also allowed enterprises to relook at their business continuity strategies to adopt an integrated, resilient approach in dealing with disruptions.

Join the experts from HCL and Ascent on the webinar on Nov 10, 2020, at 9 am EST to learn more about the integrated resiliency framework and what an enterprise can benefit from adopting the same.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Current market insights and trends
  • Challenges in adopting an integrated resiliency approach
  • Why is it necessary in today’s world?
  • How is resiliency different from continuity and recovery?
  • What is integrated resiliency, and how to move to Resiliency by design?
  • Recent Learnings and how to adopt this approach
  • Chandrasekar S – Principle consultant at HCL
  • Abdul Sajid Shaikh – Product Head, Business Continuity Management, Ascent

Join us on Tuesday, November 10th, at 09:00 am EST and 07:30 pm IST.

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