Financial Control

From years the financial institutes have been dealing with numerous records and adjust the boundless exchanges, each day. However, the heritage storehouses and unbending security frameworks are acting like significant dangers today, to their fast development.

Ascent AutoRecon© promptly coordinates with Transaction Life Cycle of any bank and use STP (Straight Through Processing) through a balanced exchange settlement.

The Enterprise Integration tool can be seamlessly arranged to consolidate with Core Banking Systems (CBS), NFS switch, ATM switch, ATM’s Electronic Journal (EJ) documents, Tie-up banks exchanges log (TLF) records.

The banking reconciliation solution communicates through Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) on a real-time basis and the transactions are conducted on the ‘No-Wait’ basis. This means that the middleware message backbone does not delay the banks’ processes.

It holds the records/documents and looks after the log/review trails. This ensures no data is lost if the communication is lost between the source and the target site. Later, the entire data is transmitted once the communication is restored.