Niche solutions for public issues

Beyond reconciliation with
Ascent AutoRecon©

Ascent leverages on its extensive technical & functional expertise to enable both public & governmental bodies to achieve their objectives in the domain of finance.

Ascent AutoRecon comes with a host of different scalable & multi-faceted features that make it perfect for such purposes.

Solutions for Government and NGOs

Its automated transaction matching ensures
speediness & convenience in dealing with large-scale transactions

Government Risk Management Software

Get customized monthly reports of accounts to keep track of the
completed transactions & more

Enterprise Risk Management in government

With provisions for errors & exceptions seamlessly integrated into the
processing rules, it ensures a smooth and streamlined experience

risk management software for government sector

Web-access to the solution may be provided to any number of outlets once
implemented at a group/head office-level

Competitive advantage through enhanced resilience

Ensure an even smoother experience with Ascent AutoBCM, which allows for a seamless automated continuity in case of unforeseen financial risks & exigencies.

Escrow, made simple & compliant

But that’s not all: Ascent Escrow ProMart allows for such bodies to provide escrow accounts and related services through a unique & comprehensive out-of-box system