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Ascent is an idea – a meritocracy in which we value independent & Innovative thinking.  Ascent is focused on understanding how the world of Financial Control & Operational Excellence works.  By having the deepest understanding of the global economy and financial markets; translating the same understanding into innovative solutions; Ascent has built a distinct track record of success.

Ascent is a product and solution provider that specializes in developing innovative and disruptive products and solutions for managing Financial Processes & Regulatory Compliance. We have done this for many years consistently by having our people operate in a culture of honesty and transparency.   We diligently diagnose the client’s pain points to achieving operational excellence and simultaneously achieving remarkable cost savings for our customers.

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, Singapore, India & USA, we are one of the world’s smartest and fastest development groups focused exclusively on building operational efficient solutions for our clients.

We have translated our deep understanding of global financial processes into a cutting-edge FinTech solution, leveraging AI & machine learning, allowing our clients to achieve operational excellence in a cost-efficient manner. We are focused on delivering world-class applications by identifying key challenges faced by our clients in their business continuity models.

Our leading industrial products are based on Proprietary Software which has been designed and developed by Industry professionals with over 200 years’ cumulative Technology and Banking experience and strong proven expertise in Product Development.

Ascent Escrow ProMart© in compliance with Real estate Regulators in GCC

Ascent AutoRecon© software is a first in the industry that is readily configurable

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