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Partnership Between Total Regtech Solutions & Ascent!


We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership between Total RegTech Solutions & Ascent!

Our joint offering helps businesses put foresight into action to mitigate the effects of business disruption.  Such events could be as mundane as a power outage or catastrophic events such as COVID-19. Threats have now increased in scope and severity level to include epidemics/pandemics, contamination of food, water, and air, political vacuum, civil unrest, acts of violence, stoppage of utilities, air, and sea blockades, disruption to undersea links, geothermal disturbances, and cyber-attacks. This amplifies the need for solutions to strengthen Business Resilience.

Our offerings include automated solutions for Business Continuity along with a unique offering for Crisis Notification & Response Management which also addresses Supply Chain Disruption as well as Customer & Employee Wellbeing Management.

Total RegTech Solutions is a specialized Risk, Finance, Compliance & Performance Management Firm, headquartered in Bahrain, with a footprint across the Middle East, Africa & the Indian Sub-Continent. Our depth of experience in risk management & technology helps businesses apply and effectively use software products developed by Ascent through software implementation, knowledge transfer, and support.

Ascent Technology Consulting offers best-in-class automation software for Business Continuity and Integrated Crisis & Notification Management. Our thorough understanding of Global Regulatory Compliance and Business Continuity Standards is embodied in our AutoBCM© software solution.

Using cutting edge technology, multilingual, available on the Mobile, as SaaS and In-your-Premises, AutoBCM© is highly configurable and enables your Organisation to establish and deploy your BCM program through a structured and methodical approach rapidly. AutoBCM© allows you to access the right BC plan, act on it, and recover from a crisis, anywhere using your mobile device, ensuring continuity of business with minimal impact. Built-in templates, content management, and audit trail help your Organisation comply with ISO 22301 and relevant standards.

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