Presenting, Ascent – RaaS – Reconciliation as a Service!

An affordable end to end Reconciliation Service, from omnichannel file support to identification and resolution of break with complete auditing and reporting features!

Ascent Raas lets you focus on your business and we take care of the controls. As part of the AutoRecon Managed Service, we offer –

  • Data sourcing from various internal/external sources
  • Setup reconciliation rules (subject to your validation and for agreed reconciliation runs)
  • Execution of the reconciliation runs (for all in-scope reconciliations)
  • Dashboard updates
  • Exception reports
  • Active reporting to your personnel for any data sourcing exceptions

You get a full view of any exceptions at 0700 hrs ET for your entire business. You have access to our Service Desk 24/7 on all business days for deep-diving into any exception or queries.

AutoRecon provides below reconciliations in Capital Market domain, few of them as a vanilla version:
Automated Solutions for Capital markets and investment

Position Reconciliation

AutoRecon helps you reconcile your securities positions – at Account and Broker levels – with your clearing broker. Ensuring your fills are recorded accurately across client and master accounts helps you scale your business and ensures client satisfaction.
Cash Reconciliation Service

Fee & Commissions

Leverage AutoRecon to cross-reference your fees and charges which your clearing broker or exchange may be debiting you. AutoRecon can track what is chargeable (per your contracts) versus what is charged – providing you the tools to automatically check if charges are accurate or exceptions thereof.
Automated Solutions for Capital markets

Settlement Reconciliation

Daily trading activity comprising of orders, fills, cancels and corrects finally to needs to settle. AutoRecon keeps track of daily settlements – referencing net orders at client and master accounts. This is your daily settlement reconciliation – different from Position Reconciliation- which provides the trued-up position as at that day.
Bank Reconciliation Consultancy Services

Cash Reconciliation

AutoRecon ensures the integrity of cash movements occurred between you, your clearing broker, and clients. Adding rules of charges can be done to have a clear view of cash movements.
Cash reconciliation service offers necessary reporting facilities for ensuring the integrity of records and scale your business.
Insurance Enterprise Risk Management Software

Order Execution Reconciliation

Leverage AutoRecon to help you keep track of orders, fills, cancels and corrects – across your clients and clearing brokers. AutoRecon tracks your daily activity and provides you visibility into any exceptions.
RaaS – Reconciliation as a Service benefits
  • No Additional Hardware or Software investment
  • Allows you to focus on your business and have a robust set of controls being run – manage by exception only
  • Flexibility in terms of control and resources
  • Excellent customer support: Our Service Desk is available to you 24/7, you can reach out to our team of reconciliation experts for any additional help with reconciliation service or reruns anytime!
Reconciliation process flow


With an advanced technology framework & user friendly design for our platforms, we’re ready to face any and every challenge that comes our way. Our teams consist of some of the best techno-functional analysts & experts in the industry, ensuring that you always get the best.
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