Transaction handling
made easy

Beyond reconciliation with
Ascent AutoRecon©

Do away with manual controlling of data using cutting-edge automation Ascent AutoRecon© Retail Accounts brings you a host of different features to enhance the convenience and efficiency of retailing processes.

Competitive advantage through enhanced resilience

Our Ascent AutoBCM guarantees business continuity and resilience
in the face of all odds, ensuring a smooth experience for retailers.

Escrow, made simple & compliant

Given how important escrow accounts are to retailers,
Ascent Escrow ProMart – a cutting-edge,
out-of-box system – is especially designed with the requirements of retailers in mind.

Automated Solutions for Retail Services

Get all escrow-related
requirements under one
umbrella with the product following all of the guidelines laid down by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA).

Retail Management Solutions

Electronically store
all escrow-related
documents for further scrutiny

enterprise risk management retail industry

Automatically generate
reports from all transaction & deposit-related

Retail Industry Compliance and Risk Management

Now available at the
developer-level, the
process of registering &
account-opening has
never been simpler