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The Benefits of Deploying a SaaS-based Operational Resilience System

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Today it has become very crucial for companies to deploy a strong foundation in place for their business systems as there are brooding challenges pertaining to business continuity. Organizations, regardless of size cannot endure disruption of any kind in their work ecosystem.


Because a mere break in the continuity can cost $10,000/hour for small firms while the numbers go way up to $5 million for larger brands, as per Datto. These stats are horrendous, and therefore more and more companies seek services of a business continuity management system. 

Business continuity is crucial and so does its speed to get implemented. 

Deploying a business continuity/operational resilience plan has become a lifeblood for companies if they want to survive and grow their business by leaps and bounds. However, in today’s unprecedented times where speed is everything, the ability to mitigate and manage risks on an immediate basis is paramount.  

A tailored, on-premises/enterprise continuity solutions are siloed and usually entail months to get deployed. Indeed, it has its benefits but lacks agility, speed, interoperability, and flexibility.

A SaaS-based operational resilience system is ready to use immediately as soon as subscribed and configured. With instant provisioning, minimum time spent on installation, and no extra configuration requirements, users can access the platform right away. A cloud-based model includes all the features of an enterprise solution but gives added benefits like:

  • You only pay for services you avail and quickly scale up or down. 
  • Load balancing to provide storage and processing resources wherever your company requires them. 
  • No hardware costs to maintain and secure the system. 
  • Decreases electric bills as it eliminates the requirement of power servers and air conditioners to cool them. 
  • Improves availability due to decentralized storage; if one center fails, another can get activated. 
  • Decreases the delay of the fixed company-owned data center with the help of global data center networks. 
  • Help companies control expenses, reduce vulnerabilities, and increase efficiency. 
  • The system is available even when your data center is down- The moment where business continuity application is needed the most.  

Ascent Offers Next-Gen, Totally Upgraded SaaS-based Operational Resilience Solutions 

If you seek ways to accelerate your operational resilience power, then what better option than the newly upgraded AutoBCM NextGen. Our SaaS-backed operational resilience platform ensures speedy deployment from months to mere days and keeps your business always up, regardless of the situation. 

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