January 10, 2023

Building Organizational Resilience is No Longer a Matter of Choice

With the increase of competitors in every sector, organizational Darwinism comes into action. Only the fittest of the fit with an organizational resilience plan survive the race to success....

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With the increase of competitors in every sector, organizational Darwinism comes into action. Only the fittest of the fit with an organizational resilience plan survive the race to success. However, various factors determine this fitness.

On the one hand, the quality of products and/or services must be maintained, and on the other hand, critical operations must be continuously maintained. Not only that but mediums of feedback from customers and clients. Above all, maintaining a firm position in the market. All of it regardless of any crisis that might be ongoing, internally or externally.

What is Organizational Resilience and how has it become a mandate in Organizations?

Downtime for any organization means potential financial loss, if not losing their professional credibility and reputation amidst their existing clientele! Organizations are made of human beings as the primary assets, which means it’s vulnerable to elements that affect human establishments. Therefore, comes a need for a time-to-time check on the overall organizational resilience against these threats.

Organizational resilience of this state can be achieved through systematic processes of strategic planning. It is by enforcing protocols for risk assessment, business impact analysis, crisis management, and disaster recovery during and after a crisis. Achieve it through our automated BCM- Autoresilience. As of this minute, owing to the necessary service it provides to businesses, it is absolutely the need of the hour!

The Game Must Go On!

On a frequent, if not an everyday basis, a crisis arises having originated from naturally occurring, hence unavoidable, events such as earthquakes, Tsunamis, geomagnetic solar flares, and severe weather conditions like powerful winds, blizzards, storms forest fires, flash floods or regional political instabilities are potential threats to business continuity. To recover from crises like these, organizations will have to set aside some time allotted to disaster recovery, which could get extended without proper planning.

For bigger crises, the risk also increases significantly. For instance, since early 2020, there’s the Covid-19 Pandemic that has restructured the entire world as a distortion of the world we all knew it. This is what gave the final push to businesses to realize that organizational resilience is the only ‘how’ they can survive disruptions like these, which temporarily blind the masses.

Apart from these, some human activities and behaviors pose as potential threats to disrupt organizational functioning on a major scale, especially internet crimes of hacking and holding resources hostage to extract profits. For instance, let’s take a look at the case story of the Colonial Pipeline System of the US, which was hacked into by a group of unidentified cybercriminals through malicious ransomware on May 7th, 2021. Colonial Co. had to stop its operations to contain the attack.

A few hours later, Colonial Pipeline had to pay the entire $4.4 million ransom in bitcoin currency. It was up to the hackers to regain control of its systems and resume operations. This wouldn’t have happened if there had been a strategy or plan to circumvent the attack . All for the sake of the game that has to go on!

AutoResilience measures allow users to nip disruption in the bud and ensure a disaster recovery protocol with just one click! With a quick and intelligent crisis response machination, users don’t have to worry. They can inform or convey to the relevant parties about the next steps that need to be employed easily. Instead of flailing in the dark as of the regular mediums of communication that usually happen during a crisis.

So, why do you really need Organizational Resilience?

Whether it be about becoming collateral damage to natural hazards or falling prey to cybercrime, a crisis is a crisis. Disasters have shown up time and again in different shapes and sizes, and businesses have had to incur unaccountable losses. Since some things like these unanticipated disasters are beyond possible human control, it’s necessary.

With all that’s going wrong with the world, human nature paves the path for innovation. To counter these threats to business continuity arising rapidly in this age, we developed the AutoResilience Enterprise Resilience solution.

Today a pioneer in business continuity management, it remains an all-in-one solution to survive a crisis. It lets you stay one step ahead, by planning a way that makes its way around the crisis. And it provides you with an opportunity regardless. This way of being resilient is empowering in the long run, and you build an aura of trustworthiness. This in turn consolidates your position in the market amongst your peers for years to come.