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Join hands to empower end customers to embrace risks, build resilience, and harness front-line intelligence to make real-time risk-aware decisions.

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Partnerships built on equality and
trust to drive growth

Partners play a pivotal role in Ascent’s growth, in increasing our reach and enhancing the depth of our industry solutions. Our partners have been instrumental in helping Ascent attain and retain the leader position in the Financial Risk Control and Operational Resilience space over years.

Partner Benefits

Work side by side with Ascent and together drive growth and opportunity while being rewarded for expertise and experience.


Commission or
referral fees

Incentivize partners to actively promote and sell more of the software product through commission or referral fees.



Provide partners with training, resources, and tools to offer and promote our products and solutions effectively.


product offerings

Partners can expand their offerings and provide more comprehensive solutions to customers by collaborating on the development of new products and services.


Access to technical resources

Partners can better integrate and support the software product by accessing technical resources such as developer tools and APIs.


Customization and integration

Partners can differentiate themselves in the market by customizing our product to meet the specific needs of their customers.


Access to
new markets

Partners can increase revenue opportunities by accessing new markets and customers through our dedicated partners' support.

An equal business relationship is a true partnership

Discover greater flexibility, new incentives, and a better experience, all designed to make you successful.

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