November 22, 2022

Enterprise Resilience- Concept & Solution for Small & Medium Enterprises

Enterprise Resilience- Concept & Solution for Small & Medium Enterprises In the last decade, the meaning of resilience in small and medium enterprises surpassed several cha...

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Enterprise Resilience- Concept & Solution for Small & Medium Enterprises

In the last decade, the meaning of resilience in small and medium enterprises surpassed several changes. It’s a fact that SMEs contribute to maximum employment in the private sector. But, it’s also a truth that small and medium businesses are more vulnerable than big corporations. Let’s find out why achieving enterprise resilience is very important for small and medium enterprises. 

Concept of Enterprise Resilience and its Effects on SMEs 

Enterprise resilience is the capability of an organization to resist risk exposure. It helps businesses to return to their normal pace effectively after recovering from disruptions. The process of resiliency also includes the preservation of essential functionalities and basic structures.  

Experts have suggested that developing resilience for SMEs is extremely important. Unlike corporates, SMEs don’t have diverse advantages ranging from operational bases to income sources. The probability of crises affecting SMEs’ business is far greater than corporates. However, it observed that opting for business resilience for SMEs is easier than for big companies due to their simple business structure.          

Some Limitations for SMEs  

Below are the factors contributing to the unavailability of business continuity management in the case of small and medium enterprises:     

  • SMEs have limited knowledge about Enterprise resilience. 
  • Lack of adequate knowledge related to systems availability & IT recovery.
  • The resources for SMEs are limited to non-productive investment.
  • Small and medium enterprises are not capable of maintaining a full-fledged business resilience plan.  

Enterprise Resilience- A Solution for SMEs   

After researching these facts, we recommend that small and medium enterprises need a compact enterprise resilience solution. In most cases, outsourcing can be a better option. As a result, Enterprises can seek expert consultants to fulfill the requirements of business resilience, system availability and IT recovery.

However, SMEs can decide on a budget as per their demands & challenges before developing a full-fledged business resilience plan. There are some purpose-built, cost-effective enterprise resilience solutions available in the market.        

The demand for a business resilience solution for SMEs is growing. Therefore, Enterprises are now seeing an opportunity to go beyond these risks by introducing business resilience in their systems. Organizations are improving their crisis management style, implementing new changes, and developing different practices and tests for recovery after a disaster.

As a result, the solution seems to help absorb the shock and has proven to be an effective way of refining organizations. It helps these small and medium businesses adapt to changed circumstances for continuing critical business operations without getting affected.  

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