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AutoRecon© is a readily configurable, enterprise-wide, scalable, real-time, end-to-end automated reconciliation software solution for financial control. It can be easily customized for any business process and integrated with every enterprise’s upstream system for the transactional feed. It helps streamline reconciliation activities, removing the need for manual entries at different environments including paper and spreadsheets.

AutoRecon Catalogue for Financial Control

Digital Lending/BNPL

Digital Lending/BNPL

E-Wallets & Payments Recon

E-Wallets & Payments Recon

Unified Payment Interface (UPI)/ Digital Payments

Unified Payment Interface (UPI)/ Digital Payments





Cards Reconciliation

Cards Reconciliation

Nostro/Vostro Reconciliation

Nostro/Vostro Reconciliation

Cash in ATMs/CRMs

Cash in ATMs/CRMs

Central Bank Reconciliation

Central Bank Reconciliation

Digital Banking

Digital Banking

Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers

Insurance Reconciliation

Insurance Reconciliation

financial reconciliation software

Simplified Operations

AutoRecon redefines the legacy operational processes that are practiced from years by automating the entire cycle of operations from Record to Report.

Stop Revenue Leakage

Proactive dispute and chargeback management helps business users make effective decisions to avoid penalties.

payment reconciliation software
reconciliation software for banks

Interactive Dashboard

Provides an eagle-eye view to CXO’s about the entire reconciliation in a single view with touch points to drill down into details.

Single Solution for Enterprise Reconciliation

No need to run reconciliations from multiple vendors.

reconciliation software solutions
automated account reconciliation solution

Improved Cost Optimization

Full automation reduces infrastructure & operational cost of running reconciliations.

Plug & Play Ready

No coding required. Business users can configure data files, transform, reconcile and create dashboards and reports on the fly.

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With our advanced technology framework & user-friendly design, we are more than ready to face any and every challenge that comes our way! Our teams consist of some of the best techno-functional analysts & experts in the industry, ensuring that you always get the best results.

Product Features

AutoRecon software provide flexibility as per client deployment model, it supports both On-premise and Cloud model. 

  • Configurable Integration with the upstream systems for transaction data input.   

  • Platform is business ready to pre-process and store varied formats of data files.   

  • The ability to Profile, Validate, Enrich, Transform and Mask the data to make it ready for the

  • Fully integrated Configurable online management of exceptions summary, balances and details transactions with drilldown capability.   

  • Real-time capability of Break resolution like manual matching, manual un-matching and write-offs   

  • Cancelled and corrected transactions are processed in real-time.   

  • Configurable and flexible workflow management 

  • Configurable matching rules, matching groups provides easy usability and flexibility to incorporate complex human intelligence to the recon engine processing.   

  • Facility to the business users to change the matching rules through UI with virtually no IT support, which enables to bridge the gap between business users and IT support.   

  • Rule based automated transaction matching, virtually supports any complex business rule 

  • Configurable transaction matching algorithm for better performance tuning and matching   

  • Capable of reconciling any data type against any other data type. 

Highly scalable platform which can process millions of transactions in lesser time and also handle increased volumes without undue strain.

AutoRecon has a facility where the users can configure dashboards and reports on their own as per the business requirements. AutoRecon Dashboards provide views of KPIs (Key performance indicators) relevant to a reconciliation process.  

AutoRecon has a configurable rule engine where user can configure multiple rules per reconciliation and can achieve max match percentage-based on different matching criteria. Our Business Analyst has vast experience in analyzing the data and set rules to achieve maximum match percentage.

AutoRecon has inbuilt proactive dispute management system which will automatically analyze the transactions and identify the disputed transactions proactively and provide resolutions. It also has chargeback module for multiple interchanges and networks. 

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Trusted By The Best

Trusted by the world’s leading companies operating with complex, mission-critical data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our Software has inbuilt readers for 80% of the industry standard file formats.
The system supports file formats like SWIFT, CSV, Fixed length, Pipe separated, text, Excel, XML, PDF (Structured).

Yes, the system has predefined UI or User Interface from where API configurations are enabled, through which the system can communicate with other external systems and read the data.

System supports Force Match, Force Unmatch, Case creation, Suppress, Undo Supress among other Post Recon operations.

Yes, our system has the capability to generate downstream files and push these files to external systems.

Yes, our system enables the functionality of investigating individual records by assigning them to the departments or organisations, along-with maker checker workflow.

Yes, our system has an escalation matrix feature along-with email triggering facility.

Yes, the system supports and can handle multi-currency transactions.

Yes, the system has an inbuilt data validation (Cleaning, Formatting etc.) functionality, which can be used while configuring input sources (It is a one-time setup, which can be edited as and when required).

Yes, the system has the ability to provide Age-wise break-up of exceptions/outstanding transactions.

Yes, our system has the escalation matrix feature along-with email triggering facility.