BCM Software

Ascent AutoBCM resilient software solution is known to help companies consistently realize important Business Continuity Management objectives with utmost efficiency. It also helps enterprises effectively plan and manage their crisis management processes.

This software helps the businesses meet their various needs when it comes to business continuity. It is through this system that organizations can easily analyse the level if impact business continuity risks have on impending business continuity plans as well as influential disaster recovery activities.

The comprehensive life cycle of BCM activities:

–     System Configuration & Reference Data Maintenance

–     Business Impact Analysis

–     BC Plan Creation & Generation

–     BC Plan Testing & Reporting

–     Management Review & Approval

–     Enterprise Reporting & Analysis

–     BCM Program Governance

–     Event Management / Plan Activation

–     Document Repository for Approved BCM documents

Note: The aforementioned activities can be modified as per your preferred interface. This one, you can easily incorporate existing data sources with newer ones while also minimizing data maintenance data.